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Giovanni & Ariel "GioAri" in the GioAri Recording Studio

We are both interested in ecological questions, ethnomusicology and different traditions of wisdom. In the last 20 years we began to work with the sounds of natural and human landscapes. We are especially interested in the different approaches to the “Genius Loci”. Through the contemplation of the places, we try to understand and experience the qualities of the vibrations for concentration, relaxation, regeneration, creative imagination and even meditation. We work with synthesizers, samplers, electronic instruments, voices and many kinds of ethnic instruments of many different culture.

Ariel Niggli

Musician and passionate photographer, working in many directions of music: for relaxations, meditations, healing practices, visualizations, background atmospheres, soundtracks, ambient, electro, world, pop and multimedia projects involved in different meditation experiences.

Giovanni Simona

Graduated in geography, sacred geography, human ecology (PHD, University of Geneva) and musician. Involved in different music and meditation experiences.

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Ariel & Giovanni in meditation at the "Maggia" Waterfall (Valle Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland)

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